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Running Lights / Red Signals

I used a set of front signals from an 800 Intruder to do this modification. FYI the signals are the same on both the VS800 & VS1400. First we need to find the wiring.The wiring is under the passenger seat. Good place to start eh? Now that you know where the wires are you'll need a test light. Connect the clip on the tester to a ground and turn on your lights. Probe the different connections until you find the main power. This would be your running lights, next turn on a signal and probe the other wires until you find the one that makes the prope blink like the signal. Mark it left or right and then find the other. Now that you know all the connections and marked them with tape, (you did that right?) comes the time to make your new connections. You'll notice that all the connections are butt connected (you can pull them apart) What I did was take two small pieces of 18 guage wire and join one end. Then I crimped a butt connector that would mate one end of the now open circuit. On the other end I crimped a connector that will mate on the other end of the old connection. You now have one open end of wire. Use the same type of crimp connector you just installed on the other half. Now on the wire of the new rear signals match it to the open circuit you have left. Repeat this procedure for running/left signal & right signal . If you are unsure drop me a line and I'll try to help as best as possible. BTW make sure the 2 wires you join are not too long as all the new connections still have to fit under the seat. This is true for both the VS 800 & VS1400


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People who want running lights with the rear signals have a problem.
The problem is it's illegal to have Amber Running lights on the rear of your
motorcycle. I have an inexpensive and easy fix that you can accomplish
in a couple of hrs.

First of all head down to your local automotive type store.
Wally Mart or Canadaian Tire should do depending on whether you live in
Canada or the USA. Head to the paint section and look for
Krylon Stained Glass Red
( see note below ) in an Aerosol Can. One can is
more than enough unless you plan to make a living from this tip If you
don't have a masking tape of some type at home pick up a roll while you
are at the store. Check out your purchase and head home to finish this job.

Now that you have arrived safely at home, remove the stock amber lenses
from your motorcycle. Remember we are working on the Rear signals.
Using the tape you purchased, or already had on hand, I want you to mask
off the outside of the lens. Do a good job so the paint is only on the inside
of the lens.

Once the lenses are masked start applying the paint in light coats.
I used a pair of old garden gloves to hold the lens in my hand and just
sprayed away. Wait about 10 minutes between coats to give them a chance
to set. You should need 3 light coats for proper coverage. If you spray too
thick a coat and notice that it's starting to pool Don't panic. Simply set the
lens so that the excess paint will pool in the grooves. You can then scrape
out some of the excess if you need to.

NOTE: Another paint you can use is Testors Translucent
Candy Apple Red

Thanks to Chief Lead Foot for the advice below
Head to your local stain glass window shop.
They carry small .5 oz of color touch up stain complete with small
brush. One coat inside the plastic lens and they become a beautiful
transparent red. The substance is like water and drys immediately.
Enough to coat 20 lens all for $5 USD


If You Attempt Modifications & Ruin Your Motorcycle
It Is Your Problem.
If You Are Not Mechanically Inclined,
Get Help From Someone Who Is

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