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Rumbling Verses

800 cc ponies between their knees
the all girl ride

friday night is calling...all the chicks are in the lot...
streaming hair warm wind and leather makin all the ole boys hot ....
they aint here to flirt though cause they're here to ride the breeze....
800cc ponies between their knees

they're heading west for two days spitting pavement far behind...
loosin stress have fun in the company of their own kind,
cranking back hard on the throttle, following the road where it may lead...
800cc ponies between their knees

they're a band of chicks riding thunder passing through another town,
not a care not a worry not a man for miles around...
far to soon their destination is in sight and they have to throttled down...
800cc ponies between our knees

for a whole day they rest playing in a secluded pond...
this little road trip with tihs band of chicks has made a sacred bond...
don't fret none sisters cause it’s time to turn around 800cc ponies heading home....

800cc ponies heading home for a time at least…
800cc ponies between our knees…wash it gas damn it where’s my keys
mama...i told you not to wait up…yeah babe you can go next time

Devilish Eyes
For our ladies
Darrell Winfree© 2003


"John Deere Green"

Ploughing thru the fields on my new machine,
I've never had a bike that was so damn mean,
0-60 in 3 secs clean,
Thank God, my baby's John Deere Green.

It's the bestest wheels that you've ever seen,
With yellow discs and rubber that's keen,
My lord she thumps, it's in her genes
Thank God, my baby's John Deere Green.

John Deere Green, John Deere Green,
Thank God, my baby's John Deere Green.

O, when she's parked, it's a sexy lean,
She holds the crown of 'beauty queen',
She's on the cover of the magazines,
Thank God, my baby's John Deere Green.

John Deere Green, John Deere Green,
Thank God, my baby's Johnnnnnnn Deeeeeere Greeeeeeeeeeen.

by keistar of the Cafe

***** My Breakdown Prayer *****

Lord, I'm old and tired, but I love to ride,
Of high speed or twisting curves, I'm not afraid.
But, Lord, if my ole bike fails me once again,
Let me be ridin' with Mocc, Dr.Bob, and A.D. Wade.

Mocc knows those bikes, and A.D. has got the parts,
And Dr.Bob can wrench while I'm sittin' in the shade.
Lord, I don't ask for much, but if I gotta break down,
Let me be ridin' with Mocc, Dr.Bob, and A.D. Wade.

Oh, I know there's a lot of folks that can wrench,
With parts and solutions while my nerves are frayed.
Lord, I just don't know them all, so if I break down,
Let me be ridin' with Mocc, Dr.Bob, and A.D. Wade.

Mocc Dr.Bob A.D. Wade

By BillyJack from the Cafe

"The Ride"

Just like any other day...
A flick of canvas,
A bright glimmer of chrome on red...
Beautiful, bright blue sky, puffy white clouds...
and verdant green.
But today I wear scarlet...
And polished black...
To honor them.
Lights, red to green...
Dappled flashes of sunlight tease yet a few more tears from the eyes
And even the thunder is muted...
Like taps.
And a long black scarf flying as a pennant...
Flown proudly...
In defiance.
A dusty road,
gathering... faces...
a feast of the senses...
A celebration.
All to short my friends,
And it could never be enough.
Glove to glove, a salute, a wave...
And I am alone with my thoughts...
Amidst the gathering of stars

Brenda '05
Written In Memory of Cherie McArthur and Cathleen Carter 1/2/2005

Brenda is a Member Of The Cafe


As the sun rises above the horizon,
And the breezes are blowing light,
I am eager to go; to follow the road
So I put on my leathers, and rev up my bike
And I'm off:out of the City and on to the road
I'll follow that ribbon of white;
With a feeling of Joy, and Freedom and Might.
I hear the roar of the other bikes
And I breathe in the smell of the oil and exhaust:
And the leather that clings to me tight,
I feel like an eagle on it's maiden flight.
But the time's moving on,that ribbon was long.
So i'll stop and grab me a bite.
As my feet touch the ground,and I stand upright
The tiredness starts just a little.
So we start to head back,as the sun begins to wane.
And the clouds begin to gather,
Then down comes the rain. and the breezes cool.
But Euphoria hangs on to me tight.
Now I'm getting cold,but I'm close to home,
so I rev up the engine some more.
Now I see the house at the end of the block,
And the light in the window shines bright.
So I pull in the driveway and stand up on my feet,
But the door looks so far away,will I make it?
Then the door opens wide,and my Woman's inside,
Just waiting to hold me tight.
Then somehow I'm in and I'm up the stairs,
Struggling to get out of those leathers,(oh god I am sore)
I stretch out on the bed and I'm gone.
Now morning has come,and the sun shines bright
and the breeze blows warm and light.
As I stretch and I turn to loosen that ache,
I manage to slap on my leathers,
Then it's down the stairs and out to the bike,
Rev it up and soon I'm out of sight.
I'll follow again that ribbon of white
Til the day is done and the moon shines bright.

By Irene Andrews April 1999

The Grinch Who Gave Up Riding

There once was a Grinch, who lived on a hill
Who when he saw motorcycles would fire at will
He hated them lots, I don’t think he knew why
They just made him cranky. He was that kind of guy.

He’d see them ride by in their jackets of leather
With their near naked women, in all kinds of weather.
They’d parade proudly by in their black leather chaps
Their shades oh, so dark and their wee beanie caps

The bikers would cruise, with their chrome shining brightly
“Those ridiculous pipes always wake me up nightly”
He’d scowl at the ladies as they rode past his door
He’d sneer as he’d say “She’s dressed like a whore!”

It seems back in the day he once had an Intruder
But after he sold it, he got ruder and ruder.
Some said he resented letting it go
That he was just jealous, and let everyone know

Then one day he had read in his buy and sell mag
That one was for sale with a tiny price tag
A Red Fourteen Hundred, That’d been sitting a while
“I was good with a wrench once” He thought with a smile

At first he was nervous, but he’d found what he missed
The Grinch really felt bad of the bikers he’d dissed
He made an arrangement to go take a look,
Checked Intruder Alert and the Kelly Blue Book

So he knocked on the door of the man with the bike
The Grinch said “I’m just curious of what it is like
I won’t make a promise, I’m tight with my cash
But could you please tell me if it’s been in a crash?”

The man said “Oh, no! It’s perfectly straight
It just won’t run right, besides that, it’s great!
I’m not a mechanic, but I know it’s not fried
I need money for Christmas, and I’ve no time to ride”

He’d changed up the bars, and a few other mods
He’d drilled out the pipes, put on K and N pods
But it wouldn’t run right and would not start at all
One guy said his jets were three sizes too small

When it had ran, it would cough, chug and sputter.
So it sat in his garage, amongst all the clutter
Under boxes of Christmas lights covered in dust
It was all put away dry, so there wasn’t much rust

The Grinch saw the bike and his eyes opened wide
The ‘cycle was mint! He thought he had died!
Then the man said he was open to deal
The Grinch took out his wallet and thought “It’s a steal!”

The Grinch got the bike home and he changed up the jets
He washed and he polished as good as it gets
He worked on it at night for more than a week
He tuned it up nicely, the carbs he did tweak

Then came the day, Christmas day if I’m right
He opened his garage door to let in some light
He slung his leg over, reached for the ignition
He was totally nervous, by his own admission

But it fire up nicely, and ran really well
His knees were like jelly, and he almost fell
He put it in first gear and let the clutch slip
In his mind he was already planning a trip

And so the Grinch rode, and he tamed his new beast
He rode all the way West, then all the way East
The Grinch took up riding, and still is to this day
And only, of bikers, has good things to say

By Dr. Suz
(aka Muttley )

Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the pad,
There was nada happenin', now thats pretty bad.
The woodstove was hung up in that stocking routine,
In hopes that the Fat Boy would soon make the scene.

With our stomachs packed with tacos and beer,
My girl and I crashed on the couch for some cheer.
When out in the yard there arose such a racket,
I ran for the door and pulled on my jacket.

I saw a large bro' on a '56 Pan
Wearin' black leathers, a cap, and boots (cool biker, man).
He hauled up the bars on that bikeful of sacks,
And that Pan hit the roof like it was running on tracks.

I couldn't help gawking, the old guy had class.
But I had to go in -- I was freezing my ass.
Down through the stovepipe he fell with a crash,
And out of the stove he came dragging his stash.

With a smile and some glee he passed out the loot,
A new jacket for her and some parts for my scoot.
He patted her fanny and shook my right hand,
Spun on his heel and up the stovepipe he ran.

From up on the roof came a great deal of thunder,
As that awesome V-twin ripped the silence asunder.
With beard in the wind, he roared off in the night,
Shouting, "Have a cool Yule, and to all a good ride!"


Singing Almost Everything the Blues Reply to XIII, Song

woke up this mornin, coffee and toast
woke up this mornin, read this damn post
my Chevy won't start, Caddy's covered with dust
ain't got the time for the old Greyhound bus
walkin the line, hitch a ride on ole number nine
south bound train cause it's winter time
headin to Memphis, there's a man to be slain
then on to N'orleans, aboard that southbound train
cattle car, club car, self serve with a smile
drinkin Irish whisky mile after mile
on the run, the law just won't let murder go
chasing my ass from St. Louis to Chicago
arrested in a cheap motel room, victim of a jealous lovers rage
now I'm waitin on the electric chair in this jailhouse cage
before they throw the switch, I'd like one last word
a message to an IA member, this I know is absurd ...

"never been to a shopping mall, lighting's all wrong
I sure hope XIII has enjoyed this song"

By Emu IA

Sex On A Bike

Yes I've done it on a bike....
Thats the sex I really like...

Once I got some real good head...
On the back of my moped...

I've done it here,
I've done it there,
In silken Harley underwear.

I once had gay sex on a trike...
I think his name was jim or mike...

Everyones done it in a car....
But how about on a V-star...

On the tank or on the seat...
Motorcycle sex is very sweet...

Once I cruised with a girl named Ann...
She let me stick it in her can...

If you like it rough please understand....
you should be equipped with a center stand...

If you don't I think your bound...
to hear your chopper hit the ground...

It's nice to have a real wide tank...
when you give your date a crank...

Be careful you don't back up to far...
your ass will get impaled on the sissy bar...

I love a chick with real long legs...
standing naked on the drivers pegs...

I like it when she wraps her lips...
round my kuryakyn grips...

When my blood begins to boil...
I like to check her tranny oil...

A naked bum is really sweet...
on my mustang dual tour seat...

I'll stop now, though on a roll...
Hope this answers your silly poll!!!

By Teke: IA

Wolf Tracks

Sex On A Bike Too

So you wanna know if I've been humping,
While that big V-twin engine was pumping,
Well it's easy on a cruiser,
That way you won't bruiser,
But give it a go on a dirt bike while jumping!

If you wanna do something to feel alive,
Try doing it on a cruiser running fifty-five,
With or without your helmet,
It will be as smooth as velvet,
Giving a whole new meaning to a shaft drive.

While riding, we decided to give it a pop,
Then I thought I heard her screaming "Stop,"
So my romantic advances I slowed,
And gradually pulled off the road,
Only to find the one screaming had been a cop.

By BillyJack: IA

Wolf Tracks

Tall wispering pine trees and sweet maple syrop
red coated Mounties perched high in the stirrups
hard rubber hockey pucks shot from the wing
these are a few of my favourite things

Loud pipe sport bikers in bright fact'ry colours
most crusier riders look nuch like each other
ex cept for bbb's purple road king
these are a few of my favourite things

when the snow flies
as we staaa b'lise
putting bikes away
I simply remember that bikes shows are near
and then I don't feel so bad

Do not fear my friends
there is much to be said for winter as it approaches
it is a time for planning and dreaming
a time to spend reminising about trips taken and planning for trips to come
a time to spend with friends over hot wings and cold beer
to renew old aquaintences with people you have not seen for a while
like your wife and kids
and most of all a time to rest
the passion of motorcycling can fade with over use
seperation will only rekindle the desire
spring will feed the lust
to be once more out and in the breeze
Let us be one with positive thoughts and wait
like children on Christmas eve
for the spring

By Johnnie Phatt: CMG

Wolf Tracks

Our Father (Revised)

...Who rides in Heaven,
Hold off any rain.
Road Kings will come,
When the work week is done,
On roads that feel like Heaven

Give us this Day
Our daily twisties,
And forgive us our bad passes,
That can lead to things smacking against us.

Lead us not into a speed trap,
And deliver us from gravel.


By Charlie Loo: CMG

Wolf Tracks

Poetry Season's Started

Officially the start, already begun.
The farmer's fit with prose
The rest of us must now run.

He's started it so, so now it is done.
We all need bow our heads
Cause there's no matching his pun.

The farmer is good, I'll give him least that.
A bit of advice to all.....
Keep a watch for ole Pat.

GMan: IA

Wolf Tracks

Ode To Erv

Who is ERV? the question reads
Well maybe I can share some leads

His limbs are wood, found on a beach
Carved by CHIP, he is a peach!

GIMP cloaked and clothed our wooden friend
And created quite a fashion trend!

And as he's passed from glove to glove
He's developed a soul we all can love

His task , you see, as it has evolved
Gets people meeting, they become involved

The lucky member giving ERV a lift
Return on home with quite a gift

A lot of friends are made at greeting
Ole ERV gains soul at every meeting!

So if given the chance to help with this rally
my advice would be, "please do not dally"

Pitch right in and give him a tour
It'll make you feel better thats for sure

If nothing else it's an excuse for a cruise
And that's a thing we all can use!

By Frmrpat: IA

Wolf Tracks


Well it's safe to say
He's again a running
To where this day?
Not sure, he's cunning!

From way down South
To all the way North.
His last known path
Was back and then forth.

His last known words
or was it a warning
“I'm hanging with some boards…
See ya in the morning!”

When next you do see
Ole Erv and his stuff
Best hope he not be
A smokin’ his cuff.

Up North he might be
In the frozen and cold
Hiding behind a tree
Trying to make it to old.

He’s got a ways to go
To get where he’s not
A lot to “Hidy-Ho”
He’s a show-off, A knot.

When he again appears
All might be better.
Life riding with peers
Last time for good weather.
Heart be still, no fears!!!!!!!

By GMan: IA

Wolf Tracks

The Chat Room

It's time again to open our favorite ROOM,
to gather around, to share, but why, with whom

It's not been long but riding a memory can shake
the memories like those only Famous Emu can make.

But then there is 'truder' she is a fine Lady
Don't tell her you drove she'll call you a lil Baby.

There's Night_Wolf who shows sometimes very, very late
has priorities you know, won't show 'til he's ate!!!

Then there is Aud she's a chipper we Lass.
She stays up all night and shows us some class.

The list is long and I'm terrible with names
so drop in, stick around and play spelling Games.

You can Chat Year round but some of us ride.
So when it comes Winter, this is where we all hide.

Mark you calendar, Set your clock, don't you be late.
The last one to show brings next week's goodies plate.

Oct 15th, Wednesday 6 at night West Coast Time
See you there, sit a spell and practice your rhyme.

By GMan: IA

Wolf Tracks

The Chatter
When you type with just one finger
and your job has run you low
that lively old chatroom
ain't much of a place to go

If your eyes can barely focus
and yer spelin aint just rite
folks can't make out what yer sayin
and the place becomes a fright

For those who's quick of finger
and can track the posts all nite
they always have a ball
and never get uptight!

By Frmrpat: IA

Wolf Tracks

Ode To The Chopper

A chopper is a wonderful creature..
long and sleek and straight of bore...
it looks like a work of art,
but you ride it like a freakin whore....

barelling along with the wind in your face...
turning heads along the way.
the lines are clean, shes lean and low...
you run the route, you set the pace...

It's hard to resist the riding itch...
your friends are jealous, it's in their eyes..
you stand out from the other guys....
as you ride your long low bitch!!

By Teke: IA

Wolf Tracks

These Rumbling Verses Appeared Originally
In The Forums Of
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For The Uninformed Erv Is A Wood Carving
Travelling With Various Members Of
The Cafe @ Intruder Alert

Wolf Tracks

A poet is a bird of unearthly excellence, who escapes from his
celestial realm arrives in this world warbling. If we do not
cherish him, he spreads his wings and flies back into his homeland.

Kahlil Gibran

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