Where I live Now
I Am Canadian
Where I Grew Up

Rumbling Haiku


Found this site by chance
Now I'm drawn to it each day
Like a moth to flames

Penned by Zombie Jim

Penned by XIII aka Mike

The Garage
Wrenches in a row
Battery Tender's green eye
Watching as I pass


Pushing the left bar
Contrary to common sense
Will point the bike left
Page Rider
Cruising the atlas
Planning the next adventure
With a fingertip


Lovers come and go
Fortunes are won and are lost
Bikes are forever
Memories of Interstate 90
The dense morning mist
Marking the river's curving
Through fields of high corn


Saddlebag Blues
The mirror reveals
My clothing on the highway
Loose buckle's revenge
Summer Adventure
Lidless and laughing
Bike carving through the Badlands
Next stop, the Black Hills

Canyon Carving
Leaned into the turns
Scraping pegs throwing up sparks
Pipes echoing loud


Pissed Off
Friday the Thirteenth
Ten thousand bikes in Dover
I am stuck at work

Loud pipes do save lives
Full face lids will break your neck
The cheque's in the mail

Vacation's End
Leaning 'gainst the wind
Solitary thoughts unfurl
One more tank to home

US 129

Deals Gap in late June
The Tale of the Dragon calls
My pipes answer back


Ahead on the road
A deer unwelcomed dances
Cutting off my breath

East of Aspen

Independence Pass
Twisting and turning upwards
Teeth chattering cold

Simply Red

Black ones are okay
Yellow, green, or blue works too
But RED bikes look best
Penned by Tabasco

Won this one

Bike back in garage
Dark clouds are rolling in fast
Beat the rain this time


Better to check
Jumped on my VS
Thoughts of tire pressure loomed
Checked - good thing I did
New Grips
Razor slices grip
Throttle cables now hooked up
Kuryakins on


Two bikes resting clean
Winter days are sometimes warm
Ready anytime

Penned by Zombie Jim


Two worlds conflicting
I want to ride, need to work
Riding won't pay bills


Decisions II

Two worlds conflicting
I want to ride, need to work
Sometimes work can wait
Today's Ride
Just got on and rode
Headed East for the state line
Ate then came back home


The ride frees your mind
Remember those who are gone
We ride in spirit

The South
It's January
Can't beilieve I'm still riding
Man I love the south


The North
It won't be long now
Till the ice and snow all melts
Then you'll have your ride
Night Ride
The moon casts it's light
My faint shadow rides along
We cruise untill dawn


My bike
Just me and my bike
Going where we want to go
Two friends travel on

Rarely drink coffee
Mountain Dew is what I choose
It's my gasoline

Morning chill
Just a little frost
The ride to work is chilly
The afternoon waits

No Where Particular

Two tires rolling on
A single headlight burns bright
Just follow the road

Slow Ride

Soft green field rolls by
Wafting scents uplift my mind
Reminese of home

Ride On

Sun shines aplenty
In the morning we head out
Ride untill it hurts

Polish Up

Grab the polish rag
Dirt doesn't bother me much
Wife likes it to shine
Penned by Queen of the Hill

Deep Freeze

Snow and ice hang low
Two wheels sleep until the spring
The frozen earth wakes

Dust on the fenders
Cobwebs on the handlebars
Can't wait for April

Pacific Coast Highway (pt. 1)

There are no windows
As I ride along the coast
Salt breeze on my face

6:30 a.m. Ride
World is still asleep
Bike cuts through crisp morning air
So alone, alive
Momentary thought...
My wife is pregnant,
Will dust settle on my bike,
When fatherhood happens?
Bitter work...
How many spokes are there?
Scrub, scour, never seems to end.
Better to drink beer.
A good beginning...
I hit the starter
Engine roars back at me with grace
The road is mine now
Going home
Riding home last night
Setting sun on the mountains
Thought about my boys

These Haiku's Were Penned by Various Members of the Cafe


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