Magellan Meridian GPS Recievers

I picked up the Magellan Meridian Gold in March of 2005.


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much later unfortunately .
I say unfortunately, as I purchased 64meg SD Cards, not knowing there
was a workaround for larger SD cards and maps larger than 16meg

I'm using a 1gig SD card that has all of Canada as one map.
I'm used my old computer (
PIV 1.3mhz 768mg ram) to build 250meg
USA regional maps.

Currently the USA is split into 4 regions, East, Central, West & Texas
East coverage overlaps Central Coverage & West overlaps Central Coverage
Texas is large enough for a solo map with overlap in West & Central Regions

The primary use for my Meridian Gold is as a navigational tool when
travelling by motorcycle.  I have a RAM Mount & utilize a 12 volt
power supply to save battery life & expense.

Thales Navigation in it's infinite wisdom has decided to discontinue the
Meridian series. Direct Route V3 has been released for atorouting purposes


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