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Driving Lights


Almost everybody wants more lighting for riding @ night.
I used two 55watt driving lights attached to the turn signal
stalks on my VS 1400 Intruder. This setup will also work on the
VS 800 Intruder & possibly the Volusia & 1500 LC. To attach the
lights I used 3 piece clamps in two sizes. 1" and 1.25"

Pictured below are the clamps themselves
Separate the clamps and switch one side with the other.
Install on front Signal stalk as shown. One will need some
electrical tape to prevent sliding.

The lights I used had a Black Ground wire which I attached
to the screw that holds the neck cover in place.
The White wire I ran to the Switch, which is tucked
between the front of the seat and bottom of the gas tank.
Run a ground wire to the switch, if it's of the lighted variety.
Next put a fuse in the line that will power the lights & run this
from the power source to the switch. Make sure the power source
isn't hot when the key is off.

Low Beams
High Beams

55 Watt Driving Lights


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