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I have traded the DeerSlayer in on a DL650 VStrom

I Will however still own a 1400 Intruder
as I purchased The Babester a 1996 Model


This is the 2001 Suzuki Intruder that I picked up on
June 19th 2002.
It's a replacement for my 2001 Suzuki Intruder 800
which was written off by a drunk on May 28th 2002

Modifications are listed below the pictures

Picking It Up
First Day
First Day
First Day
Thnx Mocc
First day
Susna & I June 2002
My Tatoos
Susan On My 1400
May 2003
May 2003
May 2003
May 2003
Waiting For Spring
Waiting For Spring
First Day
First Day
1400 Lehman Trike
Custom Plate Holder
Labels Under 20 Clear Coats
January 2002
December 2001
Lite Me Up
Lite Me Up


Modifications to my Intruder so far include:
Rear Running / Signal Light Combo,
Engine Guards & Highway Pegs,
Wolf Stickers On Front Panels,
LeatherLyke Saddlebags,

Cobra Slip On Exhaust,
Universal Vista Cruise,
Passenger Peg Lowers,
Leather Drink Holder,
Suzuki Logo Gas Cap,
Custom License Plate,
Custom Plate Holder,
Extra Driving Lights,
Polished Front Rotor,
Custom Choke Knob,
Leather Tool Pouch,
Extended Backrest,
Cast Front 19" Rim,
Chrome Wire Ties,
Mini Ape Hangers,
L.E.D. Lighting,
Deer Whistles,
Lever Covers,

Fender Tips,
Grip Covers,
Rear Rack,
Air Horns,

Big V-Twin Power
Born 2 Be Wildddd
Big V-Twin Power

Modifications Planned:
Extra Rear Brake Lights,

Stainless Brake & Clutch Lines,
Heated Grips,
Trim Caps,

Modification Wish List
Custom Air Brushing,
MCD Extended Range Tank,
Rumble Road Speakers,
Smootie Rear Rim,
Seeger 6 Degree Triple Tree

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