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I have owned 3 different Suzuki 1400 Intruders

2001 VS1400 Purchased in 2002 (pictures below)

1996 Purchased used in 2005

2006 S83 Boulevard aka VS1400 Intruder
(in my posession currently)
VS1400 Intruder Choppers

2006 S83 Boulevard aka VS1400 Intruder
Mods Started
As Delivered March 2012
First Ride May 2012
Susna & I June 2002
Modifications Started April 2012
First Day
First Day
Okotoks Show & Shine 2019
Thnx Mocc
First day
RC Components Rims
My Tatoos
Modifications to my 2006 S83 Boulevard aka VS1400 Intruder
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Engine Guards & Highway Pegs
L.E.D. Lighting
Extra Driving Lights
Fender Tips
Suzuki Logo Gas Cap
Oil Cooler Grill/Reflector Blanks
Passenger Peg Lowers
Polished Forks
18" "Smoothie" Rim
21" Stingray Rim
Polished Front Rotor
Chrome Wire Ties
Rear Running / Signal Light Combo
Rear Rack
Progressive 12" Shocks
Kuryakyn Grips /Throttle Rocker
Corbin Seat
Saddleman Saddle Bags
Wolf Emblem
Saddleman Tail Bag
Custom Plate
Extended Backrest
Intruder Emblems
3 Circuit Fuse Block
Ram Mounts
Signal/Headlight Visors
Modifications Planned
Extra Rear Brake Lights,
Stainless Brake & Clutch Lines
Rumble Road Speakers
Extended Range Tank
7 Degree Triple Tree
Custom Air Brushing


2001 Suzuki Intruder that I picked up on June 19th 2002

It was a replacement for my 2001 Suzuki Intruder VS800
which was written off by a drunk on May 28th 2002

Modifications are listed below the pictures

Pick Up Day
Spring 2003
Custom Plate Holder
Labels Under 20 Clear Coats
Summer 2003
January 2002
December 2001
Summer 2003
Lite Me Up
Lite Me Up
M2 Graduate April 27th 2003
Ride For Literacy Slow Speed Control 1st & 2nd Place
My Favourite Picture
Painting by "Frankie Picasso"

Modifications to my 2001 VS1400 Intruder
Engine Guards & Highway Pegs
Universal Vista Cruise
LeatherLyke Saddlebags
Cobra Slip On Exhaust
Custom License Plate
Passenger Peg Lowers
Leather Drink Holder
Polished Front Rotor
Suzuki Logo Gas Cap
Extended Backrest
Leather Tool Pouch
Custom Choke Knob
Chrome Wire Ties
Mini Ape Hangers
"Snowflake" 19" Rim
Lever Covers
Grip Covers
Fender Tips
Rear Rack
2002 Lehman Trike VS1400 Conversion
Big V-Twin Power
Born 2 Be Wildddd
Big V-Twin Power
Organ Donation Card

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